Air Madagascar : « The Natural Choice »

In Madagascar, as elsewhere, environmental issues are more than ever at the center. According to a survey conducted in November 2009 among a representative sample of Malagasy aged 15 and over, 94% of respondents reported feeling "concerned" or "very concerned" by the subject. For visitors from abroad, eco-tourism is especially in the times since 7 of 10 tourists visiting protected areas and favor the discovery of the incredible heritage of endemic red island.
Malagasy national company Air Madagascar clearly could not stay away from this fundamental shift.

  • adopt internally, a number of measures such as the use of recycled paper, the development of specific communication tools, training its employees on the importance of environmental causes or the involvement of all
  • engage also an operational point of view, to strengthen its program to reduce carbon emissions.
  • s’engager enfin en soutenant une série d’initiatives allant dans le sens du développement durable et de la préservation de la biodiversité malgache et en travaillant de pair avec plusieurs entités œuvrant dans le domaine de l’environnement dont le projet Makay Nature mais également l’ONG Fanamby or Air Madagascar this responded immediately and quickly helped us with tickets to the very low rates of major approvals and excess baggage.

Due to his actions, the national airline intends to lead by example in the protection, support and enhancement of biodiversity of Madagascar and make his signature « The Natural Choice »A reality.

Paramotor allows tracking air Makay massif, Madagascar

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