Interview of the day: Sylvain Hugel

I am working on a neurobiologist at CNRS synaptic transmission and also passionate entomologist.

Since childhood, I was attracted to this group specifically because these insects sing this gives them a nice side.

My favorite insect is a grasshopper that we discovered together at the meeting called Glomeremus orchidophilus.

I'll look crickets and grasshoppers, find items on their ecology and record their songs (different for each species).

Find new species for science but also rediscover some species that have not been seen for a long time.

Neurobiology because it is the cutting edge of science, the border of human knowledge.

What is the favorite poem entomologists?
Le Lac de Lamartine parce que : « Oh taon, suspend ton vol… »

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3 thoughts on "Interview of the day: Sylvain Hugel»

  1. S’il s’agit de la Glomeremus orchidophilus, sur la photo que vous montrez, elle est en plus de sa capacité de pollinisateur, d’une beauté à couper le souffle. Je m’imagine souvent les insectes grandis à la dimension humaine… Cette sauterelle ne passerait pas inaperçue ! Bonne route, Sylvain

    • Bonjour Anne,

      I just add a caption to the photo stating the name of this insect (just hover your mouse on the photo to show the legend).
      Thank you for your encouragement and support.


      • Hello Anne et Emeric,
        In fact, the insect that illustrates this interview is not Glomeremus Orchidophilus (so I removed the legend) but this beast great surprise on a sheet of Ranomafana Park a few weeks ago seemed to me perfectly illustrate the passion
        Thank you for your messages.

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